How to Increase Your Furniture Flipping Profit

Written by Jessica Mitchel

I've been flipping furniture for profit for over eight months. I like to share all of the tips, tricks, and learning lessons along the way.

January 21, 2023

Why did you get into furniture flipping? Do you have an interest in refurbishing furniture? Were you tired of seeing good furniture go to waste in the trash? Those things might be true, but I think a big reason people get into furniture flipping is because you can make money, and good money, doing it.

But it can be frustrating when you work really hard on a piece and you don’t get the profit you hoped for. I get it. My first furniture flip got me a $5 profit. It was very disappointing.

So after flipping and selling furniture for over a year, I now do things a lot differently to help maximize my profit.

The most obvious way of increasing your profit is by keeping costs low.

One of the ways you can do this by finding free furniture. I pretty much only get my furniture for free now, whether that’s through the trash or friends and family. There are surprisingly a lot of ways that you can get free furniture. Check out this video next for five ways to get furniture for free.

You can also use inexpensive paint by check the oopsie sections at hardware stores. I always recommend that beginners start with a 50 cent can of sample paint from the oopsie section. Why? Because it helps maximize your profit. Yes, the mineral paint is going to give a nice finish, but when you’re first starting out, you’re likely not selling the furniture for prices that would make using this nice paint worthwhile. I learned this the hard way. Remember that $5 profit? Yeah, I used the expensive mineral paint on that and it didn’t make a difference to the buyer. Because most buyers don’t know the difference and don’t care.

Something I’ve noticed about flipping in my area is that most people don’t know anything about flipping or painting furniture, they just care about it looking nice and being at an affordable price. So focus more on the techniques and creating a product that looks nice, is good quality, and trendy.

Figure out what is worth spending more money on in your area. For me, that’s handles and extra features like wallpaper.

Be mindful of what pieces sell best in your area. The type of furniture you are selling matters and it can definitely be area dependent. I’ve had the most luck with dressers, buffets, and night stands, even single night stands. However, I have a hard time selling coffee tables. Once you figure out what sells for great rates in your area, then you can focus on those items. This ensures that you are focusing your time on the furniture pieces that will give you back the highest profit.

Try adding something that will make your piece stand out and elevate it to a higher-end piece. You can do this with new handles, special colors, wallpaper, and other accents. Look on pinterest and furniture sites for inspiration. I love looking at pottery barn, west elm, and anthropology for inspiration. Their furniture pieces are nice, trendy, and expensive. So if you can create a similar style, you have reason to post the furniture piece for a similar price.

If you can, offer delivery. If you have the means and the time, offering delivery can make your furniture piece more accessible for more people. Some people will pass on a furniture piece because they don’t have a vehicle large enough to pick it up. And if you do this, charge a delivery fee. I was able to get an extra $50 on a furniture flip by offering delivery. You can decide to do a flat rate for delivery or vary it depending on someone’s location. If you decide to go this route, be sure to protect your piece and bring spare paint.

Furniture flipping is fun and a great creative outlet, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to make extra money. But we’re all strapped for time. So try out these tips to maximize your profit, so you don’t have to spend all of your time flipping.

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