Let's flip furniture.

Hey, I’m Jess! I started flipping furniture last August to help save money for grad school. I’m sharing my journey to saving $10,000 for grad school by August. I share the tips and tricks I learn along the way . If you want to start flipping furniture, then come on this journey with me!


You can get started with furniture flipping pretty inexpensively, but there are a few of my favorite tools I would recommend. Here is my supplies list.


Thinking about trying out furniture flipping? I’m sharing all of my tips and learning lessons as I build my furniture flipping business. Check out my latest posts here.


Are you more of a visual person? I create weekly videos on Youtube sharing each furniture flip. You can also catch me on Instagram if you want a quick update on my journey.

My Favorites

Check out all of my favorite tools and supplies that help me create these looks. From paint to power tools, these are the tools that help make these flips happen!

From The Blog

Catch my latest furniture flips and tips for having a successful furniture flipping journey.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Furniture Flip

Farmhouse Coffee Table Furniture Flip

Thir furniture flip took way to much... it really was a waste of time. Now, before you freak out, just know that most flips are totally worth it. And I'm definitely still int he elarning curve phase of my furniture flipping journey. I've learned over the course of the...

Stained Coffee Table Furniture Flip

Stained Coffee Table Furniture Flip

Furniture flipping can be very time consuming. So when a simple flip comes around, I jump on it. This coffee table could have had a complete transformation witih new paint or stain, but coffee tables don't sell that well for me. So I've learned not to put a lot of...

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